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Modernize your datacenter, run any app at any scale, and manage all of your clouds. Free yourself from the complexity and cost of legacy IT, and embrace the power of cloud with Nutanix. With Nutanix, infrastructure becomes invisible, allowing teams to focus on optimizing workflows, applications, and delivering content rather than wrestling with complex architecture. Process modernization has become essential for media companies that want to accelerate the pace of production and capitalize on new business opportunities while keeping operating costs under control. Nutanix accelerates your modernization efforts with: Advanced digital workspaces. Empowering your teams to work better, faster, and more flexibly is one of the keys of media success. Nutanix delivers digital workspaces that allow your teams to work where and when they need to and collaborate more easily, while protecting the security of valuable digital assets. A single platform for all applications. Nutanix supports all production applications needs—from virtual desktops , to asset management, to transcoding, to analytics —on a single integrated platform. Greater operational efficiency and integration. By reducing IT complexity and simplifying management, Nutanix eliminates barriers to productivity, enabling your team to focus its attention on process innovation and smoother content delivery. Security from the ground up. Because security is designed in rather than bolted on, your digital assets remain more secure wit

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