SSIMWAVE® helps top OTTs, Broadcasters and MVPDs deliver the video quality their subscribers expect and deserve at the lowest possible cost. Based on more than 30 years of world-leading scientific research into the Human Visual System, SSIMWAVE can tell if a source file is worth processing further for both LIVE and VOD content if there is Banding, Macroblocking, or other quality issues and what are the optimal bits at which each chunk and piece of content should be encoded to optimize delivery costs. SSIMWAVE's Emmy-award winning algorithm SSIMPLUS® is the only perceptual video quality metric to work across all formats, resolutions, dynamic ranges, content, viewer types, and devices. We are the only metric certified by Dolby Vision®. We currently monitor more than 10MM video hours a month for more than 35MM subscribers in North America and Europe, 24/7.

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