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Since 1922, GatesAir has a continuous record of working with its customers to provide best in class solutions with the industry’s broadest portfolio. GatesAir’s transmission portfolio now covers all power levels for LPTV broadcasters, and with the same high efficiency and performance of its globally installed base of medium-to-high power solutions. Thanks to GatesAir’s PowerSmart Plus designs and the game-changing Maxiva XTE exciter, GatesAir's current generation of solid-state high-efficiency transmitters are the optimum solution for getting the most out of ATSC 3.0 / NextGen TV deployment. GatesAir is the only company to support all digital radio standards, and our over-the-air customers rely on our networking and transmission solutions to maximize new revenue opportunities. Our innovative solutions will help you achieve the outstanding sound quality and reception required to attract, retain and grow your audience share while delivering low total cost of ownership. GatesAir’s Intraplex solutions give broadcasters bandwidth-rich solutions for moving content over IP networks, with visibility into stream and network performance. We continue to innovate robust and reliable solutions for traditional RF STL connections that can also accommodate IP traffic. In larger transmitter networks, Simulcasting technology ensures all GatesAir transmitters are time-locked for synchronous, over-the-air content delivery.

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